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Chocolate Chip Cookies

How it began

Drizzly Bear started when we noticed a need for healthier treat options that satisfied the craving for something sweet. Having a busy schedule that involved raising four growing boys while also staying committed to a healthier lifestyle pushed us to create snack and dessert alternatives using clean whole ingredients that not only taste good, but provide quality macro-nutrients. In creating these alternatives, our focus has been to bring quality ingredients, good flavors, and enjoyment to snacking no matter the age, schedule, or pickiness of the person eating them. 

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I'm Sarah, one of the owners of Drizzly Bear, and thank you for visiting our page! I've had a life-long desire to be part of a dream shared by so many- one that has allowed our country to truly thrive. My career has been in a high school classroom teaching ecomics and history highlighting inspirational stories of the great achievements of the world. After the recent birth of my twin boys (#'s 3 and 4), I decided it was time to take my own risks and try to build my own small version of something meaningful. As a former athlete and now busy working mom to four young boys, I know two of the most important things  for most people are wellness and time. I want time with my family and for them to be happy and healthy. I also want to be the best version of myself for the people who depend on me. With a house full of picky eaters who always seem to want only junkfood, I started to obsess over finding solutions to balance rushed mornings and busy evenings juggling activities with providing adequate nutrition for all of us. Drizzly Bear meals and snacks have helped us feel energized with food we enjoy eating! Now we want to share our recipes with whoever wants the same. 


Hello my name is Josh, co-owner and creator of Drizzly Bear. For over a decade I was heavily involved in the fitness industry and competing at a high level. During that time, I lived a restrictive lifestyle when it came to food selection. The idea of dessert or snacks was either not an option or very much restricted to bland and boring flavors. Throughout the years I have played with creating alternatives to traditional snacks and desserts using healthier ingredient options, but only for myself or friends. After becoming a dad, I realized just how important it is to me for my children to eat less processed food. With fitness and nutrition still one of the cornerstones of my day-to-day life, I utilize our products daily to help meet my macro goals throughout my day. I use them as pre-workout snacks to help me get me through my workouts without having to drink or eat something heavy. I now want to take the opportunity to share these with others.

Image by Danika Perkinson

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